Golfers, please fix your ball marks, correctly!

You know that putt you KNOW was going in, but was knocked off line by an errant ball mark?

Red divot tool fixing ball mark on green

That's reason #1 to fix your ball marks on the green. This can be done with any divot tool or tee, (see our post) but regardless of what you decide to use, just make sure you fix your marks and a couple others if you have some time!  Keep on reading for some other reasons:

  1. Ball marks = crooked putts - Although you might not be affected this time around by not fixing your mark, think about the golfers behind you and every time your perfect putt hit a bump.  If everyone helps out just a little bit, greens will be in much better conditions year round.

  2. You injured the green - Sure the green is part of mother nature, but you still tore some roots when your ProV1 slammed into the green. It is important to fix that part to avoid those little brown spots you see sometimes.  golf green with ball marks and dead spots
  3. You're hurting your golf club - Maintaining greens is expensive as it is. Repairing a green is VERY expensive.  By keeping the greens in good shape, you'll be doing your course a favor and allow them to keep their fees and other costs down.
  4. Karma - What goes around comes around!  I don't actually believe in this, but I do believe that the positive attitude of keeping our courses in great shape will make the game much more enjoyable which I think we can all appreciate!

In summary, fixing ball marks will probably not change your score today.  However, in an effort to grow the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone, let's all do our part.  We'll all benefit!