Custom Putter for Kent Bazemore

Custom Putter for Kent Bazemore

This was a side project we had the SUPER RANDOM opportunity to do about a year ago for Kent Bazemore.

First, I met Kent randomly by trolling him on the IG.  There was a post up about his charity event coming up and I made a comment (quite rude TBH) asking if his golf game was better than his bball game.  A little while later, I get a DM from the man himself telling me that he'd "bust" me in both.  Friendly sh*t talking went on for a little then he asked me if I knew any custom putter makers.

I recommended the brands I'd been seeing on the IG such as, Piretti, Orlando, Tyson, but he said they were all booked up.  Then an idea popped into my head.  There was a machinist, @two_talents_ who's work i'd been admiring from afar.  Operating under the assumption that all a putter needed was to be flat, and balanced, I reached out to him to see if he wanted to help me produce one for Kent.  He agreed immediately and we started to design the putter.

I wanted to get as much input from Kent as possible, so I asked him style head he wanted, what colors he wanted, and then permission to sort of just run under those guidelines.  

  • Since he's a basketball player, I borrowed the idea of C-groove technology from Yes! putters (of Jim Furyk fame) and turned that into the basketball grooves
  • I talked him into letting me draw a caricature of his face
  • His favorite ride is a black and gold Porsche, so the color scheme is based off that

Anyway, this is what came of all that!  

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