Nice to meet you, I'm Brian Kang

My name is Brian Kang, from Diamond Bar, CA.  I started birdicorn golf because I love golf, needed a creative outlet, and to see if I could start a side business as a way to make ends meet.

Birdicorn is a combination of two words.  Birdie and Unicorn.  Our flagship product is a multi-functional divot tool, and one of the original founders, Dwight, and I have always like animal logo designs (lacoste, penguin, tigre..).  It felt natural to go with a multi-animal.  First thoughts were the minotaur, and the griffin, but they looked a little too serious.  Since all the good things in golf are related to birds, I wondered what a bird + another animal could look like.  Since a unicorn is something a bit fantastical, I simply combined the word with birdie and that was it!  Could have been unicordie...

The logo was drawn by my sister Jenny, who is a gifted ad creative.  Lucky for me, she charged me a decent hourly rate of $0.  I first hand drew what some of you may have seen or know as 'fourputt' but she said that was ugly/unprofessional so the driver logo you see is thanks to Jenny.

I was always a decent sketcher and have always wanted to invent something.  I have thought of things such as a camera holder (covered), more useful golf tees, swing mirrors, flasks, apps, websites, whatever.

After graduating from USC with my MBA, I honestly had 0 idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I was/still am about $170K in debt and was unemployed for the better part of a year after graduation. Unable to find a job, I did things for money such as packing boxes for an anime company called crunchyroll, an analyst position with Machinima, and even Fanduel.  It was a weird situation because I was overqualified by degree for certain positions, but underqualified based on experience for the positions my peers were landing.

I have no idea how, but in April of 2014, a firm called Top Tier consulting based out of Los Angeles decided to take a chance on me.  It was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  I was staffed on a variety of different projects where I learned invaluable skills such as contact center management, data analysis, presentation skills, how to work with difficult clients/managers, storytelling, and much more.  In 4 years, I am 100% confident I learned more than I would have at any other job.

Unfortunately, since T2C was a small firm, in the later part of 2016 the project pipeline began to dry out.  Although it was horrible for the firm, it was even better for me.  I was engaged in social media projects to raise awareness about the firm, and helped on white papers and point of view articles which helped immensely in developing storytelling skills.  I was also on what is known as "the bench" and this provided a lot of flexibility.

I worked from home most of the time, and even though this was great, after student loans, rent, car payment, insurance, etc. there was not much to save.  Since I had nothing saved up, I thought to myself, what is the lowest cost startup I can think of where at worst case, I could break even?

As a golf fanatic, one day I got stuck on the idea of creating a multi-use product for golfers.  I have always been fascinated by the Golf Designs Wave Tool product when I first bought it at Bayonet / Blackhorse back in 2006.  I was surprised when I found out in 2018 that was still pretty much the best thing around.  So I got about thinking of all the useful functions needed on a golf course (requirements gathering) and tried to package the most important ones all into the cleanest design possible.  That is the product you see today!

Of course, this journey would not be possible without the help of many along the way.  Although we planned as best as we could, we have had our of successes as well as failures.

Our goal as a company is to spread awareness about this awesome game of Golf to the average Joe.  Joe likes golf, and just wants to have fun.  Our goal to you as a customer is to provide the best possible service, as quickly as possible, and as nicely as possible. =)

It is crazy to think that I have been able to dedicate my time fully to birdicorn now.  Thank you to Esther, Jenny, Dwight, Daniel, Jason, Debbie, Brad, Ed, Lee, Fredrik, Sean, Eric, Butts, Jarred, Joe, and everyone else!

I think that's it for now!