Get Better at Golf, While Your'e at Work!

Just because you're stuck in the office doesn't mean you can't be improving your golf game! Use these simple exercises to improve your game AND get work done!  This is not a comprehensive list, but just targets a few key problem areas that many weekend / range pros face.



This exercise will help you to create more flexibility between your upper and lower body so that you can create that x-factor separation that the pros have.

What you'll need:  A conference room chair (one that doesn't swivel), a boring task, status reports are great for this.  Advanced method shown below.

golfer sitting at desk cubicle bored rotated


  • Turn your chair so that it faces directly left or right of your monitor.
  • Sit down with your heels planted, and good posture.
  • Rotate toward the screen making sure to keep your hips as still as possible.
  • If this is too easy, turn the chair away from the screen a few degrees at a time.



This exercise will improve hamstring and lower back flexibility.  Symptoms of stiff Hammies includes early extenstion and inability to maintain spine angle through impact.

What you'll need:  Your cubicle mate's broken chair that doesn't roll anymore.  The one you "traded" with them.


  • Place the chair (should not slide back) at a distance from the screen where you can sit right at the edge of your seat. You should still be able to reach your keyboard.
  • Straighten out your legs and lift your toes as much as your are able to.  You should feel tightness in your hamstrings.
  • Begin scooting / scooching back little by little as your range increases.



This exercise will help clubface control by strengthening and increasing the flexibility of the left wrist.

What You'll Need:  A laptop bag, backpack, or water jug will do.  


  • First, get started on your training because they measure you by time.
  • In your non-mouse hand (probably your left, because who uses a lefty mouse?) hold the bag so that you are essentially giving a thumbs down with your left hand. (Like when your opponent asks, "is that good?"
  • With a firm, yet relaxed grip rotate your wrist counter-clockwise to the thumbs up position.
  • Do this 10 times and rest, or as long as it takes you to complete the current training module.



This exercise will help you increase glute and quad strength, which are the keys to effortless power.

What You'll Need:  Full Banker's Boxes, Stairs, Long Hallways.

guy lifting banker boxes


  • If your coworker is moving cubicles, volunteer to help.  Remember to lift with your legs, not your back.
  • If you have a meeting in the next building over, consider doing lunges the majority of the way.
  • If your meeting is on a higher floor (meeting the boss?) take the stairs and do box jumps the whole way.

More Exercises Coming Soon...